Welcome to Heartland Miracles, a center for transformational spirituality, teaching A Course In Miracles and The Way of Forgiveness.  Forgiveness is a path of release, freedom and joy, a way of living that empowers us to choose peace in the face of every hurt or challenge that life presents to us and to feel our direct connection to the Divine Presence within.

Let this be a day of Miracles for you! Let this be the day when you
  • Let go of a long-held grudge or resentment
  • Free yourself of ancient shame and guilt
  • Receive God's love deep into your mind, heart, body and soul

Let this be the day of healing for all that disturbs your sense of wholeness and your peace of mind.

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Heartland Miracles Healing The World Through Forgiveness for students of A Course In Miracles and those ready to release the past. Louise Dunn, Indianapolis, Indiana
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